Coofie & Sexy Dress Poster featuring Mubarak Majid

“Coofie & Sexy Dress” has been an official selection for Short Corner in Cannes Film Festival (France), Gwangju International Film Festival (Korea), Slum Film Festival (Kenya), Golden Diana International Film Festival (Austria), and Chennai International Short Film Festival (India).

The film follows Razak (Mubarak Majid) who’s trying to pay the debts he had taken from a loan shark (Syafid Dharma) for his wife’s hospital bills. Razak’s daughter Anna (Shii Elsa) is not as religious as he wants her to be. The loan shark gives the last warning for the cash and goes after Razak. While Razak is fleeing from the loan shark, Anna finds her own ways to pay the debt.

“Coofie & Sexy Dress” shows how honest men can get in the web of these loan sharks and how religious prejudices affect the new generation. Director Jaemin Park has tried to include some imageries like dead chickens and rats, although it can’t be said that it was effective in the narrative. However, in the end, this is just another morality tale that tries to show there can be progress in modern thoughts also. The acting is mostly a little bit over the top. The cinematography by Saifullah Khaisas is what stands out as notable in an otherwise forgettable film.