Extremely versatile actors Cho Jin-woong and Sol Kyung-gu both have sharp comic timings, but are rarely cast in comedic roles. Though Cho Jin-woong has had two such roles on the trot with “Intimate Strangers” and the recent “Jesters: The Game Changers“, Sol Kyung-gu hasn’t featured in one since 2013’s “The Spy: Undercover Operation”. The two will, however, be seen together in drama/comedy “Man of Men” from debutant director Yong Soo.


Jang-soo is a lawyer at a top law firm who will do anything for money. A medical diagnosis reveals that he doesn’t have much time left to live. Yeong-ki is a good-for-nothing gangster, but he dreams of having a perfect life. He performs court-ordered community service and meets Jang-soo, who decides to offer money to Yeong-ki if he will helps him complete his bucket list.

Though Cho Jin-woong has starred in films with a majority of South Korean superstars, this will be the first time he will be acting alongside Sol Kyung-gu. Heo Jun-ho, who has previously featured in “A Petal”, “Silmido” and “The Merciless” alongside Sol Kyung-gu, also stars in the film. Actress Kim Sa-rang and Jin Seon-kyu (“Extreme Job“), who will finish a career-high 2019 with his 7th film of the year, also feature in the film, which will release at some point in October, 2019.