“A Tale of an Evil Choice” can best be described as a PSA, one which would be played during the commercial break on daytime kids’ television, in both content and 1 minute run-time. This is not an inherently bad thing, as its anti-drug message would be best suited for a younger audience.

The film does present a well constructed and easily conveyed metaphor about the effect of drug use, and how it can destroy one’s life. However, with the overall message of “don’t do drugs” it becomes difficult to take it seriously outside of considering it a PSA aimed towards youths, who most likely come from more privileged backgrounds. The production does not address some of the more complex issues around drug abuse, and although you could argue it is an individual choice, there are many cultural, political, and class issues that add complexity beyond an abuser’s ‘free will’. The short film does not address larger issues, although when looking at it as aimed towards a certain target audience, it is still a successful metaphor and creative way to convey an anti drug-sentiment.

The visual and audio presentation, although one note, is well executed. The visuals are crisp, and the location was well picked to add more colour and ensure the focus stays with the young man suffering from drug abuse. Given there is no dialogue, comment cannot really be given towards the performances.

“A Tale of an Evil Choice”, within the right audience, can be a strong conceptualized anti-drug statement. Unfortunately, looking at it under any context, it fails to impress in every facet.