Japanese director Shintaro Sugawara, having previously worked on the television drama of “Black Book Rules”, recently completed production on the movie inspired by the series. Shori Sato, and Kaito Takashi reprise their roles from the series, as friends who fight against oppressive school rules.

“Black School Rules” was previously released on November 1, 2019. and is now available via Hulu streaming. Shochiku, has released a trailer for the production, which can be viewed below.


Sora (Shori Sato) is a 2nd grade high school, but he is virtually invisible at school. He is friends with Chuya (Kaito Takahashi). Chuya’s personality is completely different from Sora. Chuya does unpredictable things and that surprises those around him. Sora and Chuya both have feelings for the same girl at their school. The girl refuses to attend school, because she doesn’t want to change her brown hair to black. Their school has unreasonable school rules, including requiring all students to have black hair. For the girl that Sora and Chuya like, they stand up to change their school’s black school rules. (Asian Wiki)

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