Traveling along on a bus, a failed screenwriter laments about not having his work produced when he meets a woman on board who puts him in far greater danger than he anticipated.

This was quite fun overall. The main portion of the film, revolving around τhis bizarre bus-ride through the countryside involving all the different personalities on board is quite fun. The bus-ride features the street performers treating everyone to a performance to pass the time, the quiet readers daydreaming or buried in a book to those generally ignoring everyone to just sit blankly during the trip, makes a fine lull before getting to the twist later on. That gives some brutal hand-to-hand close-quarters combat that is bloodier than expected and generates some solid action as well.

The short, though, tends to struggle when it gets involved with the backstory about the process of writing the screenplay. The idea of him being convinced about the strange boss who hired him coming to kill him feels forced with no background for thinking so. After one meeting and being asked to do a thriller project based on murders in the headlines feels out of place and jumping to conclusions regardless of the fact that he’s right all along. This doesn’t have the motivation or impetus to delve into the belief that he’s in danger at such an early stage of the journey, but being the only problem here isn’t detrimental in the slightest.