Happy New year to all Asian Movie Pulse readers.

2020 is now upon us and that can only mean one thing, the list of upcoming Martial Arts/Action and Fantasy movies for 2020 is here.

Some of the big movies to look out for are Assassins and the Missing Gold, Enter the Fat Dragon, G-Storm, Heroes Return, Made In China Town, Mulan, Project X-Traction, Raging Fire, Vanguard and many many more. There were many other movies i could have included, so if you feel there is more movies please leave a comment at the bottom of the page.


1. Assassins And The Missing Gold

  • Cast: Max Zhang, Ada Choi, Andy On, Xiong Xiaoting
  • Directed By: Jeff Lau

2. The Board Beauty

  • Cast: Guo Jun, Lu Yanbei, Wang Jianlong
  • Directed By: Dai Xifan

3. The Bride With White Hair

  • Cast: Chen Jie, Sun Zihang, Yang Ning, Max Wang
  • Directed By: Lai Shui Ching

4. Buddha Palm Technique

  • Cast: Collin Chou, Dean Wu, Tang Fei, Wong Yat Fei
  • Directed By: Huang Yi

5. Crazy Knife

  • Cast: J.T.Hwang, Wei Ni, Yuen Bo, Michael Tong, Li Chengxi
  • Directed By: Zhang Moxian

6. Detective Bao Zheng

  • Cast: Sammul Chan, Puff Guo, Fan Hongxuan
  • Directed By: Li Hantao

7. Enter the Fat Dragon

  • Cast: Donnie Yen, Teresa Mo, Niki Chow, Sandra Ng, Wng Jing
  • Directed By: Wong Jing

8. Fighting Immortal Statue

  • Cast: Ke Jiahao, Zhu Ya, Lee Kwok Lun
  • Directed By: Gu Chuan

9. G-Storm

  • Cast: Louis Koo, Kevin Cheng, Wu Chun
  • Directed By: David Lam

10. God Erlang

  • Cast: Benny Chan, King Kong Lee, Cherry Feng, Kingdom Yuen
  • Directed By: Zeng Xiaoyu

11. Great Marshal Canopy

  • Cast: Hanson Ying, Wang Yizhe, Andrew Lin, Jason Zhang
  • Directed By: Dai Yilin

12. Heroes Return

  • Cast: Yuen Biao, Ng Man Tat, Ray Lui, Kathy Chow
  • Directed By: Guo Hu

13. Huo Family Fist

  • Cast: Li Mengmeng, Leif Ye, Feng Qing, Yu Li
  • Directed By: Liu Bayin