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Anurag Jha’s The Fantasy Element Web Series Set For November Release

Fantasy Element is an Anthology series that contains 5 individual episodes completely different in genre, storytelling, and presentation with a core element of Magic/fantasy within.

The Anthology is releasing this November on Direct-to-video OTT Platforms.

About the series: This is the first Web series of Tallukh fame Director . Anurag has made 3 feature films before this, which have been released on big platforms like Amazon Prime, MX Player, and Plex TV. Anurag is aiming to go even beyond this with this series. 

The series is Produced & Directed by Anurag Jha starring Shreeyanshi Katre, Yash Krishnani, Shefali Karmore, Payal Pipare, Hemavaishnave TS in lead roles. Anurag Jha has also played a common element in all the unconnected episodes. It also stars Anshul Nimje, Siddhant Kshirsagar, Kanishka Kunawar, Kunal Tonge, Alok Khatnani & Amol Khatnani in prominent roles. 

The Original Music Album of the show will release on 25th October, produced by Atharva Rai, Mizaaraa & Anurag Jha. Sung by Nikhil Shahu & Stuti Singh.

The Web series will deal with concepts like Magic, Artificial Intelligence, Supernatural entities, gods & love. The trailer for the same will be released on 20th October. 

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