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Echelon Studios Acquires Kim Ki-Duk’s Controversial ‘Address Unknown’ and ‘Bad Guy’

The newly restored titles boost Echelon’s slate of novel International titles

Echelon Studios has acquired award-winning feature films  and  from critically-acclaimed South Korean writer-director .

Two of the filmmaker's earlier works, both feature characteristically boundary-challenging shock elements. Address Unknown offers an uncompromising view of humanity and the dehumanizing effects of war, while Bad Guy tows the line between what is right and wrong with an unconventional and uncharacteristic tale of obsession.

Speaking on the acquisition, Sandro Gohoho, President of Licensing and Logistics for Echelon Studios, said: “Kim Ki-Duk is an unparalleled cinematic provocateur and among the most celebrated auteurs. We are very excited to have acquired two of his finest art-house works, continuing our commitment to bring inspiring and innovative cinema to those seeking it.”

Echelon will partner with Kinoscope – a New York based streaming and publication company – for a theatrical screening of Address Unknown on August 23rd at NYC's Maxwell House, followed by a multi-platform VOD release later this year across North America.

The newly HD restored version of both films will join Echelon's curated library of more than 20,000 titles across all genres, including international films, documentaries, and shorts.

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Echelon Studios is a leading distributor of independent programming to Pay-Per-View (PPV), Pay Cable and Basic Cable systems worldwide. Currently representing over 300 production and releasing companies, Echelon Studios delivers a diverse mixture of programming for domestic and international DVD, VOD, FAST, Pay-Per-View, Pay Cable, Basic Cable, Free TV, Hotel Lodging, Airline, and ancillary markets.

About Kinoscope

Kinoscope is an online curated platform dedicated to presenting films, and visual projects by filmmakers and artists. It praises a broad variety of arts through streaming, exhibitions, live screenings, publications as well as newly introduced design and retail. Kinoscope aims to enhance the appreciation and understanding of cinematic arts in order to build a globally distinguished lifestyle among diverse audiences that are deeply rooted in film culture.

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