Six years after the harrowing but excellent “Han Gong-ju”, director Lee Su-jin is back with his sophomore directorial film “Idol”. While “Han Gong-ju” was primarily a drama, “Idol” will see Lee Su-jin have a go at the thriller genre.


Goo Myeong-hoi’s successful political life is in danger as a result of an accident involving his son. An upstanding citizen with strict moral code, he convinces his son to come forward with the accident instead of covering it up. Yoo Joong-sik’s life revolves around his mentally handicapped son Boo-nam but his world comes crashing down when his son ends up dead in an accident. Ryeon-hwa was with Boo-nam the night he was killed and saw everything firsthand. For some mysterious reason, she disappears without a trace. Both men look for her for two very different reasons and her secret is bound to connect these two men’s lives in a harrowing way.

The film brings actors Han Suk-kyu and Sol Kyung-gu together, with the two playing Myeong-hoi and Joong-sik respectively. Also teaming up with Lee Su-jin once again is Chun Woo-hee, the star of “Han Gong-ju”. “Idol” opens in South Korean cinemas in March, 2019.