While production on new film or existing productions have come to a standstill due to the coronavirus outbreak, this hasn’t dampened the spirits of studios with finished products and promotional material for films releasing soon in the next few months is finally starting to come out. Here, we have the trailer for Kwak Jung’s debut film “Search Out”.


”What is the significance of your life?” After receiving the SNS message, death has begun!
Trainee policeman, ‘Sung-min’ (Lee Si-eon) and job seeker, ‘Jun-hyeok (Kim Sung-cheol)’ were suspicious about a suicide incident of a girl who lived in the same dormitory, and they will be tracking her SNS account with the help of a private detective agency hacker, ‘Nu-ri’ (Heo Gayoon).

The investigation which started out of chivalry leads to uncontrollable consequences. These three people, Jun-hyeok, Sung-min, and Nu-ri became targets of SNS crime…

The film stars Lee Si-eon (“Killed My Wife”), Kim Sung-cheol (“Kim Ji-young: Born 1982”) and Heo Ga-yoon (“Drug King”) and is expected to be released in April, 2020.