‘Late Shift’ is a 2016 interactive film directed by Tobias Weber. The key feature of the movie is that every single viewer of the film can download the app called Ctrlmovie and choose the options of how the plot of the movie should develop. In case a group of people is watching the film at the movie theater, the variant that has got the majority of votes will be selected.

Not that many films are made in such a way that the viewer gets to have their say in the process of plot development. Thus, the movie “Late Shift’ offers a unique experience for a viewer. The usage of digital technology helps to develop a certain bond between the director and the viewers. What is more, it transforms the passive experience of watching a movie into an active one.

Even if a certain director has studied film making at college or university, it does not necessarily mean that have acquired knowledge and experience in creating such digital technology. Sometimes it requires a lot of work experience to be able to come up with interactive ideas for films. In terms of the movie under consideration, the technology for the film has been developed by CtrlMovie Ltd. They have worked on creating the app as well.

The most plausible prediction for the film industry is that more and more films will include the participation of the viewer in one form or another. There is a very high chance a lot of films will be demonstrated using VR technology. More interactive films will be introduced as well (even Netflix presented an interactive film called ‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’).

What is particularly fascinating about the film ‘Late Shift’ is that there are several endings and each of the decisions made by the viewers has influenced the outcome. In other words, one cannot predict the ending, and it is impossible to spoil the movie for others. “Late Shift’ is considered to be the first cinematic interactive movie in the world. Yet, after its success at different film festivals and mostly positive feedback both from critics and the viewers more and more interactive films will be made, that is for sure. The film can also be described as ‘choose your own adventure’ which makes the process of watching it very thrilling and a lot of fun. The people in the crowd are the ones who make the decision (whether it is a smart choice or a dull one). The duration of the film will obviously depend on the choices that are made by the people who are watching it.

It takes a lot of learning and training to become a film director. Yet, having unconventional ideas is a part of the creative process which no schooling institution can provide. Teaching somebody how to be creative is not a thing. It is a process that comes within. A teacher can teach pedagogy in a way that a student will understand. However, no teacher can teach how to be creative. No school offers an undergraduate degree in creativity. The good news is that there are ways to develop one’s creativity even though they are rather obvious: noticing everything that is going on around you, paying more attention to the world, watching more independent films, going to art galleries and so on. Do not forget that apart from home schooling, there is always an opportunity to apply for scholarship at a film school and avoid paying tuition.

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