From the time gambling got legalized in the year 1931, the inclination of celebrities herding to Las Vegas has been continuous. Actually, the popularity of Vegas did soar during the 1950s at a time when Frank Sinatra turned Vegas his home. From that time onwards, the attraction of gambling grew in leaps and bounds. And the best thing is Vegas is only an hour away from Los Angeles which made it more alluring for the famous and the rich. Contrary to the belief, celebrities share the same interests as common people and that includes gambling on Tangkasnet. Hence, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that many Hollywood celebrities, as well as pro athletes, have managed to made fortunes through gambling. 5 celebrities whose names deserve special mention are as follows:

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is viewed as an A-list Hollywood actor and he is continuously building his career in movies with some worth-mentioning movies. But Affleck has also got expert card counting expertise. In fact, he himself admitted publicly that he got so skillful playing Blackjack that it became possible for him to count cards easily. Card counting made this actor a lifelong restriction from the tables of Blackjack at a casino where he managed to win $140,000 in just one session.

George Clooney

Clooney’s love for Vegas started long ago and his love for gambling extended to an entirely new level with passing time. If some online publications are to be believed, then Clooney plus his motley crew comprising Hollywood A-listers would head down to a casino floor for getting some gambling done. Again, it is also a fact that George Clooney and Brad Pitt nearly ended up building their Hotel Casino.

Sean Connery

This actor is popular for his gambling intelligence. Once, he headed towards the European roulette wheel to place solo number bets on the number 17 and a solo number wager possesses the lengthiest odds to win at 36:1. In the year1963, this actor during his stay in Italy for a movie gambled at a casino named “Casino de laVallee”.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods expanded his gambling fame when he played in special high roller private suites along with NBA legends Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley. Whenever he makes a little detour to Las Vegas in-between his golf tournaments, it becomes a delight for the casino owners to see him. Hence, if you wish to see a person treated similar to royalty in Vegas, then you need to wait until and unless Woods is present in the town.

Frank Sinatra

According to some people, Vegas is incomplete without Frank Sinatra. The popularity of Sinatra can be proved with the fact that when he died in the year 1998, the hotels on Vegas Strip got shut off from their popular neon signs. This was for paying a tribute to the man who brought Vegas to prominence. The well-known “Sands Hotel and Casino” used to propose Sinatra a whopping $50,000 for the purpose of gambling and permitted him to keep to himself all the winning. This is because his presence only on the casino floor would fetch a massive number of high-rollers.