The days of betting shops and pubs where you have to go out to practice your favorite hobby of watching football matches and placing your bet are over. Nowadays, all you need is a good internet connection, and you are good to go. In fact, the extensive availability of many websites might make anyone feel overwhelmed with the endless options we have. This mini-guide will not only tell you about the best websites, but it will give you a small brief about why they are worthy of your attention. 

However, before we proceed to this list of websites, we need to understand what’s so important about having the streaming option while you are betting. 

Why do you need live streaming while betting? 

There are three main reasons why using live streaming is extremely important for betting. 

  • For opportunities: Mistaken experience, knowledge, and hours of study for luck are the first mistakes you could make in betting. Bookmakers usually offer the odds for football matches before the game by a few days or hours. Experienced punters then study these odds and calculates the percentage of how right or wrong these odds might be. 

Sometimes, bookmakers make mistakes by offering higher or lower odds. For example, they might go for a pre-match estimation and fall for their favorite team even if the underdog is performing better and vice versa. This is where live streaming comes in to give you the opportunity of watching how the match unfolds to be able to strike when the time is right. 

  • Studying teams: The thrill you get from betting depends highly on the risks you take in every event. However, no one likes to lose. Winning bets take more than just some luck and playing with odds; it takes experience, patience, and long hours of studying all variables that go into the equation. It’s only logical that watching more matches tend to give you a better understanding of the playing teams, their techniques, strategies, and how they usually play.
  • In some cases, it provides better judgment than bookies: Bookmakers almost always avoid the risk of altering the odds according to how the match is progressing. Watching the match live will give you an idea of how the team is playing; are they playing too aggressively that they are about to get red cards? Is the goalkeeper likely to get injured? There are so many questions and answers you wouldn’t otherwise come to realize unless you watch the match yourself and understand the countless events that are taking place before your own eyes. 

Know your terminology 

Beginners to sports betting often feel confused due to not knowing some of the terminology and the theory behind it. It’s important to remember that it’s not embarrassing to learn something new; on the contrary, it’s exciting and quite thrilling. Sports betting takes some time to get the hang of. Yet, the thrill of betting doesn’t limit to sports betting. Casino games are now available to everyone through websites and applications without having to take the weekend off to go to Las Vegas. Sometimes, you get a free pass to even try the games without paying a penny. Developers at SCR888 have put tremendous effort into tweaking their application to suit all different tastes of people who enjoy online games to pass the time. You can choose to play online or download the app to enjoy the benefits. The world we are living in has made everything possible and accessible. It helps greatly to know the best services that are available and their costs to be able to compare and settle on the best option for you. If you are crazy about football, for example, you will find that the more complicated the game is, the harder it gets to bet on. You need to understand strategies, different tactics, and study the success rate of the team you want to bet on. You have to understand football betting terms, the difference between accumulator and singles, banker, the 24-hour rule, to 90-minute betting, and more. There are so many factors that go into the process of betting. Yet, it’s all worth it. The thrill you get from gambling is irresistible and almost incomparable. But if you are already a football fan and betting junkie at the same time, then you must be wondering about the best streaming and betting websites out there for you to enjoy both.


Even though this website joined the market in Russia back in 2017, it has managed to bring a new element and add so much to the industry. Thanks to their great live platforms, their well-established operators, and the high odds they offer, they have managed to not only join the competition but to secure a place in the front row. Even for beginners, 22bet has managed to offer the opportunity to watch your favorite teams’ matches with up to four live events in HD quality streaming. The offers they give are remarkable, from bonuses to great daily offers. If you consider betting markets, odds, live streaming, live betting, reliability, and the availability to offer a wide variety of payment methods, their score rounds up to 8 out of 10. This isn’t easy to achieve for a relatively new website. The main advantages you can be sure of is that they will offer you extremely high odds, countless markets, HD live streaming, and bombard you with endless promotions. Another important thing is that their mobile version is extremely easy to use. 


This website is one of the most respected sites in the business. They have been around for almost, over 20 years, and yet they have managed to keep the same level of quality and to hold tight the same reputable spot for millions of bettors and punters. The most distinguishable advantage that 888sport can offer is their license, which is operated and regulated by UKGC & Gibraltar. This gives them a huge advantage against other operators who offer their services through shady and doubtable licenses. Taking just one glance at the site, you can tell how professionally it has been developed and established. It’s extremely user-friendly, even for beginners who aren’t sure of what they are doing yet. This website isn’t only for football betting; you can find a huge number of market options such as horse racing, basketball, tennis and other sports events. This globally respected bookmaker offers an abundance of markets, HD quality live streaming, high odds, and many payment methods. If you are wondering what makes this website so unique compared to others, then you need to know the cherry on top. The site also accepts US players. The rate reaches up to 8.6 out of 10 after calculating betting markets, odds, reliability that was rated 8.8, customer support, bonuses and promotions, and considering players’ reviews. 

Betway Sports 

This website has stood out among thousands of other ones for three main reasons that have made this betting website worth the attention. 

  • Many streaming events: The live streaming section can make or break any site’s rating. They offer a stream of current events while showing coming up events that they will stream in high-definition quality. The number of sports that are being live-streamed also makes a huge difference in rating the website. If you are only interested in football betting, this might not interest you. But for other people with a passion for all sorts of sports betting, finding a website that offers to stream for a variety of different sports events is priceless. 
  • A mobile-friendly version: Many people prefer watching the live stream on their PCs or laptops; however, being in different time zones, some bettors can’t always be in front of their PCs. That’s why having a user-friendly mobile version is extremely advantageous for those who get tired of sitting on chairs staring at their computers. It’s important to have an outlook that is away from the usual stigma about sports betting. These websites have offered to people who take pride in their hobby several advantages of watching the game whenever they want and wherever they are.
  • Who doesn’t love surprises? Promotions and bonuses are important parts of these websites. It sets them far away from usual, brick-and-mortar old betting shops. Bonuses give gamblers an edge against the house. That’s why most reviews and ratings never overlook this part as most bettors wouldn’t either. This website offers a value just for visiting, with their daily offers and great promotions. 

William Hill

It’s hard to mention betting websites without mentioning a behemoth in the world of offline and online gambling like William Hill. It is a world-class bookmaker listed on the FTSE 250 that can offer pretty much anything when it comes to sports betting, especially football. The company owns around 25% of the betting market in the UK and is available in over 200 countries online. The dominance of William Hill over the offline betting market isn’t the only impressive thing about it; live streaming, mobile apps, live betting, and many other digital features make it the first choice of millions of people around the world when it comes to online sports gambling. Gambling isn’t the only thing they offer to the world, but they also offer free streaming of huge football championships like La Liga and others. They provide you with a detailed streaming schedule up to one week in advance so you can plan your gambling or streaming with convenience. Their website is pretty easy to use and can allow you to seamlessly navigate through different sections without cramming too much information on the home page.


With a well-known reputation similar to William Hill, Coral doesn’t leave anything to be desired for any seasoned gambler. Those who like to do the betting themselves in physical shops and those who enjoy the digital convenience of online gambling are all welcomed by the UK’s favorite, Coral. Their streaming service is superb, with over 2000 live events every week. You can enjoy the inclusive package composed of the dedicated radio documentary, live streaming, and TV service for free, as long as you have some funds in your account. You needn’t worry about the money in your account as they provide you with flexibility and control in addition to quick customer service. Their specialty is major football matches and competitions, and they surely know how to make it special. They have over 150 betting lines in both English and international fixtures. Your bets can vary from half-time to multiple bookings, and if you don’t find something that’s up your alley, you can use their dedicated “Your Call” option for more flexibility.


Even though the UK is known for having most football streaming sources, those who are looking for less popular international leagues will be quite satisfied with Unibet. With the support of over 15 million customers and 100 countries, Unibet provides you with a lot of variable bets and options that ensure your convenience. Those who like to bet on the weekend and those who roll high on international football matches will always enjoy the availability of markets, live streaming websites, play betting, and smartphone apps provided by Unibet. The website is quite impressive and stands out from most common betting websites with a focus on user experience. The football color palette theme is quite easy and relaxing on the eye, and the website presents a very impressive, minimal categorization of different sports, leagues, and competitions. And for those who enjoy betting on other sports besides football will find their collection of exotic and popular sports quite alluring. 

Sometimes, when you’re out of streaming and betting options, you just look for the shortest way to get your game on and end up with an unsatisfying experience. It’s alright to feel overwhelmed at first when you’re discovering a lot of impressive websites and online betting shops that offer thousands of features and options. It may take you some time to gather up what exactly you’re looking for in the perfect streaming and betting website, but it’s always worth the time spent doing this research.