Hong Kong singer / actor / director / prodcer Juno Mak is – allegedly – about to release (after 5 years of writing and 1 year shooting) his sophomore directorial work, “Sons of a Neon Night” after the excellent homage to Hong Kong Jiangshi movies, “Rigor Mortis” of 2013. Mak is well known for his musical career and for acting in movies like “Dream Home” (2010) by Pang Ho-cheung and as the troubled protagonist (and writer) of “Revenge: A Love Story” (2010) by Wong Ching-Po.

The crime thriller “Sons of the Neon Night” – also written and produced by Juno Mak – is set for release in 2020. However, after revealing – at a press conference in 2017 – an intriguing two-minute behind-the-scene featurette, a batch of beautiful photo-stills and a teaser poster, we have lost tracks.

In 2018 production for the film had officially wrapped and the director had announced a 2019 release while promoting it at the Hong Kong Filmart 2018. Apparently, several problems encountered in the post production process have slowed down the completion.

On the base of the released material and the poster, “Sons of the Neon Night” looks very promising, with its incredibly stylish black and white and featuring a list of the most prominent Hong Kong actors, including Tony Leung Ka-fai, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Sean Lau, Louis Koo and Gao Yuanyuan. We hope to see it released this year.

A sudden explosion which killed a wealthy Hong Kong businessmen has drawn the wrestle between drug traffickers and those against drugs. The heir of the drug trafficking syndicate does not hesitate to create social chaos, with his sole reason of believing “a world without drugs”, which is actually more terrible and more chaotic than imagined. (Wikipedia)

An eclectic personality, Juno Mak has been working in the meantime on different projects and promoting the Cantopop singer Kay Tse On-kay for his record label Silly Thing (watch his beautiful post-apocaliptic video for her) and also collaborating with Gucci in Rome.

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