Our first ever giveaway has come to an end, and we a re truly happy to announce the list of winners. Some geographical restrictions did apply, so a number of the winners ended up with more than one present. Anyway, here is the list of the winners and their “spoils” . We will contact the winners through Youtube, so please check the video comments

The winners of one copy of One Cut Of The Dead, courtesy of Third Window Films are:

  • Sharon Walsh Connecticut, USA
  • Wan Dinnie. Malaysia.
  • Fabio Canessa, Alghero, Italy

The winner of 4 Chirashi, courtesy of JPosters.net is :

Earl Jackson, Taichung, Taiwan

The winners of Absurd Accident and Who Killed Cock Robin?, courtesy of Cheng Cheng Films, are:

  • Jeffrey Wang, Los Angeles, CA, USA (Absurd Accident)
  • Jonathan Rock Tavern NY, USA (Who Killed Cock Robyn?)

The winners of 2 of This is Not A Khavn Collection and 2 of KFC, courtesy of Spectrum Films are:

  • Christian P. Labadan Manila, Philippines (This is not A Khavn Collection)
  • Markus Viehauser, Vienna, Austria (This is not A Khavn Collection)
  • Aura Gail Acas Antipolo City, Philippines (KFC)
  • Exene Cervenka. Victoria, Australia (KFC)

The Winners of 2x GYO Tokyo Fish Attack, 2x The King of Pigs, 2x Crocodile, 2x Return to Burma, 2x Sparrow, 2x Moebius, courtesy of Terracotta Distribution are:

  • David Brook, Lincoln, UK (Tokyo Fish Attack, The King of Pigs)
  • Natalie Cotterill UK Nottingham (Tokyo Fish Attack, The King of Pigs)
  • Lee Hughes manchester england (Crocodile, Return to Burma)
  • Paweł Głuszcz, Warsaw, Poland (Moebius, Sparrow)
  • Steve Moore from harrow,london uk (Crocodile, Return to Burma
  • Toms Lukjanovs Northern Ireland (Moebius Sparrow)

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