Movies with a casino theme are few and far between, and the available crop runs the gamut of historically significance to raw documentaries to spoof comedies. There are must-watch flicks hidden in digital platform shelves alongside those you’d rather skip, which is why we’ve come up with the best five casino movies on Netflix right now. Since land-based casino entrances aren’t an everyday thing unless you’re a professional gambler and online platform trawling can be monotonous, the power of cinema has alternative gambling-related entertainment for the whole family.

Dealing with the controversial topic of gambling such as addiction, the best casinos themed movies on Netflix right now delves into the thrills and darker settings of high stakes gaming. Going on personal film-watching love or hate expertise and the reviewed rating; these movies include;

1. 21

Inspired by the non-fiction novel by Ben Mezrich, ‘bringing down the house,’ the true story inspired Netflix favorite follows a genius band from MIT students who master the art of blackjack card counting and take on the mighty Vegas casinos. The team, led by their crafty professor develops a secret code of codes and covert signals to perform heist style raids on tables around sin city, flying in and out regularly until their schemes start to invite the notice of casino bosses.

A classic casino movie, these actual events inspired movie available on Netflix, will make non-gamblers want to learn the strategy of counting cards. At the same time, connoisseurs of the casino card game will be shaking heads in disbelief.

2. Ocean’s Eleven

An all-time casino favorite, Ocean’s Eleven is a heist ensemble that has thrilling and comedic twists against a dazzling backdrop of Las Vegas. This Stephen Soderbergh directed remake of a 60’s classic puts together a celebrity cast including George Clooney as Danny Ocean, who is involved in a war of love, power, and money with nemesis Terry Benedict. Veering between titillating edge of seat thrills and close calls, the masterfully directed casino movie available on Netflix is a crowd-pleasing flick that went on to net $450 million in box office sales.

3. Win It All

Bursting with comic value, Win It All is a gambling movie that features poker-related aspirations and is on Netflix right now. With the plots of friendship and honor intertwined with chance or luck for bug wins at the tables, Win It All captivates the gambler in us. The main protagonist has to recover a hundred grand that his friend left him before heading off to prison, which unfortunately he had blown.

Budding poker players will definitely love Win It All, and there is a certain level of premium grade entertainment for the family.

4. Casino Tycoon

The first of two installments, this 1992 mandarin casino movie on Netflix right now, is set in the late 1930s and early 1940s Hong Kong and has English subtitles. The film revolves around the life of Benny Ho Hsin played by Andy Lau, an ambitious young Chinese who escapes Hong Kong when the Japanese invade the island. Benny and his friend Nan end up in Macau, hustling on the docks. Typical of its triad gangster’s undertones, Casino tycoon revolves around mob bosses, murder, and love triangles that turn treacherously deadly.

Casino tycoon depicts the downs and ups that Benny and his friend undergo both in Macau and Hong Kong, ending up as wealthy real estate investors seeking for gambling licenses. This Netflix casino movie spans a decade and ends somewhat tragically for Benny and the company, necessitating a sequel that came out the same year. 

5. Casino Tycoon

A sequel to the hard-hitting casino tycoon, Casino tycoon 2 is a mandarin theatrical masterpiece with English subtitles by director Wong Jing. This casino movie on Netflix right now depicts an apt follow up to the story, where Benny is now running his casino in Macau after succeeding in Hong Kong real estate. There is, however, a traitor within his closest ranks. After his son is brutally murdered, benny sets out to clean up the mobster family and his Lisbon casino, which by the way, is a real establishment in Macau.

Less intricate than the first casino tycoon, this second movie has a free-flowing plot that can be understood without the original film’s backstory. There is a lot of detective work involved, and the movie is chronologically correct in its context of a real history timeline, including the Hong Kong real estate boom and Macau’s gambling beginnings.


Netflix movies may vary from one time zone to the next, and some films may not be available for streaming in certain regions. There are, however, a few gambling kickers when it comes to finding the best casino movies on Netflix right now. Enough fascination is available when watching the croupiers at the tables or roulette wheels spinning from behind the screen on Netflix in the comfort of your home.