Japanese director Kenji Katagiri (“Room Laundering“) second feature length film “A Life Turned Upside Down: My Dad’s an Alcoholic” is set for release on March 6th, 2020. The film that chronicles a young daughters struggles within a fragmented family is based on the autobiographical web comic “You to Bakemono ni Naru Chichi ga Tsurai” by Mariko Kikuchi.

“A Life Turned Upside Down” previously screened at Camera Japan 2019, you can read our review here, and check out the new trailer below.


Saki’s (Honoka Matsumoto) father (Kiyohiko Shibukawa) is an alcoholic and her mother is a follower of a new religion. She sees her father’s strange behavior and her mother’s loneliness. Her family is collapsing, but Saki struggles to look for her future. (Asianwiki)