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AMP Talks #23: Seiji Tanaka’s Melancholic

Panos Kotzathanasis, Adriana Rosati and Tom Wilmot discuss about one of the most intelligent Japanese films of the latest years, now available from . The unlikely protagonist, another type of yakuza, mocking society's expectations, a surprising romance and other aspects of the film.

About the author

Adriana Rosati

On paper I am an Italian living in London, in reality I was born and bread in a popcorn bucket. I've loved cinema since I was a little child and I’ve always had a passion and interest for Asian (especially Japanese) pop culture, food and traditions, but on the cinema side, my big, first love is Hong Kong Cinema. Then - by a sort of osmosis - I have expanded my love and appreciation to the cinematography of other Asian countries. I like action, heroic bloodshed, wu-xia, Shaw Bros (even if it’s not my specialty), Anime, and also more auteur-ish movies. Anything that is good, really, but I am allergic to rom-com (unless it’s a HK rom-com, possibly featuring Andy Lau in his 20s)"

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