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Vietnam’s hyper-vicious cancel culture in a new, daring film coming to U.S. theaters Nov 17th

"LIVE" (Phát Trực Tiếp) by Khương Ngọc, produced by Live On, with a U.S. theatrical release by 3388 Films

“I want to talk about a reality: people are communicating less and less with each other and depending more and more on online tools. With social media, people who don't even know each other, with just a single keystroke, can completely transform someone's life into heaven or hell” – Khương Ngọc, Director of(Phát Trực Tiếp)

“LIVE” (Phát Trực Tiếp), the Vietnam film creating shockwaves among audiences for its graphic and extraordinarily bold depiction of Vietnam's cancel culture, will arrive in U.S. theaters November 17, 2023. Directed by Khương Ngọc, the film riveted Western audiences at its sold-out North America premiere as the official selected Vietnamese Spotlight Film of the 2023 Newport Beach Film Festival with its vivid portrayal of the hyper-competitive world of live-streaming mukbangers and online reviewers in Vietnam.

“LIVE” (Phát Trực Tiếp) brings to life the dark faces of social media through Trúc, a budding Mukbanger who swiftly catapults to the top of the food chain when she finds a pill on the dark web that makes her appetite insatiable, and Hoàng, a star Reviewer who gets trapped in a death scandal where he learns that online fame and cancel culture are merely a simple click away.

“It's not the prettiest film. It's not the glossiest film with the biggest stars. It's certainly not the easiest to watch. What it is, is an important, timely, and culturally relevant film that unapologetically confronts the nightmarish social issue of chasing online fame at any cost, and the unforgiving cancel culture world we are living in,” says Mr. Thien A. Pham of Films, the exclusive North America theatrical distributor of “LIVE” (Phát Trực Tiếp). “Love it or hate it, the message in the film will stay with you.”

Starring Ngọc Phước and Quốc Khánh, “LIVE” (Phát Trực Tiếp) is directed by Khương Ngọc, produced by Live On, with a U.S. theatrical release by 3388 Films. The film will play in select theaters across the U.S starting November 17, 2023.   

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