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Scene of the Week #12: Tadanobu Asano Takes Flight Riding a Chicken Impersonating Ittoku Kishibe (Survive Style 5+, 2000)

's “” is a curiosa in cinema, being one of the rare comedy anthologies that actually delivers. Intertwining several stories where some characters cross over with others, there are a lot of scenes that one could pick as best. From going to war with his murdered wife, who keeps resurrecting for the sole purpose of beating him up and humiliating him, to the constant homo-erotic tension between two gang members that is always introduced with a gay club dance number needle drop.

Still, as wonderfully absurd and visually rich as “Survive Style 5+” is, one scene always sticks out. It brings together Asano's neverending battle with his ex with that of a family plagued by their father stuck thinking he is a chicken after a hypnotist is murdered before turning him back. After many failed attempts by the salaryman-turned-chicken to fly, he actually manages to take flight. At the same time, Asano, intending to jump to his death, instead lands on the back of , and together, they take to the skies in search of a fresh start.

Not only is it a wonderfully bizarre image, but it gives the dark comedy a lighthearted visual and tone to end on. For those who grew up with “The Never Ending Story,” it is also hard not to draw a comparison to Atreyu riding Falcor, capturing a similar sense of glee soaked in the nostalgia of a decade of cinema come and gone.

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