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Udine Far East Film Festival (FEFF) Unveils the Full Programme of its 26th Edition

In Udine from 24 April to 2 May 2024

Let's begin by talking about the numbers of the Far East Film Festival 26. This year the FEFF community will be able to watch 75 films (47 in competition, 28 out of competition) from 11 countries. More precisely, 15 world premieres (including those of restored classics), 24 international premieres, 19 European premieres and 13 Italian premieres. Expected in Udine from 24 April to 2 May, in the historic headquarters of the Teatro Nuovo and in the spaces of the Visionario, the Far East Film Festival 26 will give life to a 9-day long full immersion (screenings from morning to evening, talk, daily live press review, divas parading on the red carpet, without forgetting the industry events of Focus Asia, the journalistic itineraries of Bambù, the educational itineraries of the FEFF Campus) and it will colour the heart of the city with Asia (there are over 100 thematic events scheduled). A real feast of cinema.

The Opening Night on Wednesday 24 April will travel between China and South Korea with two international premieres. The task of opening the curtain will fall to , the blockbuster that bears the signature of famous comedy star (here in the double role of director and protagonist). It is the adaptation of Japanese cult “100 Yen Love”, applauded at FEFF in 2015, and revolves around a woman who will turn her life around by wearing boxing gloves. The second title of the evening, by director , is an irresistible action comedy that revolves around a single mother, unemployed and victim of phishing.

Here is the full line-up:


The Midsummer's Voice, ZHANG Yudi, pop & Peking opera coming-of-age, China 2024, European Premiere
Moscow Mission, Herman YAU, manhunt on the trans-Siberian train, China 2023, European Festival Premiere
The Movie Emperor, NING Hao, witty and brilliant satire of films, China 2023, Italian Premiere
Raid on the Lethal Zone, Herman YAU, big flood action thriller, China 2023, International Festival Premiere
Trending Topic, XIN Yukun, social media crusader against abuses, China 2023, International Festival Premiere
Under the Light, ZHANG Yimou, grand master political thriller, China 2023, International Premiere
Wonder Family, SONG Yang, crazy family with superpowers, China 2023, International Premiere
YOLO: You Only Live Once, JIA Ling, boxing-redemption-melodrama with laughs, China 2024, International Festival Premiere

Dust To Dust

Making Waves – Navigators of Hong Kong Cinema

Dust to Dust, Jonathan LI, gripping crime thriller, Hong Kong/China 2023, International Festival Premiere
Fly Me to the Moon, Sasha CHUK, immigrant in HK family saga, Hong Kong 2023, European Premiere
The Goldfinger, Felix CHONG, luscious and corrupted life, Hong Kong 2023, European Premiere
In Broad Daylight, Lawrence KAN, social drama journalism thriller, Hong Kong 2023, Italian Premiere
The Lyricist Wannabe, Norris WONG, young dreamer diary with Cantopop, Hong Kong 2023, European Premiere
Peg O' My Heart, Nick CHEUNG, horror lurks in the dreams, Hong Kong 2024, World Premiere
Rob N Roll, Albert MAK, robbers' robbed robbers action comedy, Hong Kong 2024, European Premiere
Time Still Turns the Pages, Nick CHEUK, a legacy of pain, Hong Kong 2023, European Premiere

13 Bombs
, Angga DWIMAS SASONGKO, Jakarta under the siege of terror, Indonesia 2023, Italian Premiere
Kereta Berdarah, Rizal MANTOVANI, horror train with enraged demons, Indonesia 2024, International Premiere

JAPAN [10]
(Ab)normal Desire
, KISHI Yoshiyuki, ode to unorthodox sexual behavior, Japan 2023, European Premiere
Confetti, FUJITA Naoya, coming of age on the stage, Japan 2024, International Premiere
Goban-giri, SHIRAISHI Kazuya, revenge and honour period drama, Japan 2024, World Premiere
Gold Boy, SHUSUKE Kaneko, Hitchcock-style obsession with perfect crime, Japan 2023, European Premiere
Ichiko, TODA Akihiro, who was that woman really?, Japan 2023, Italian Premiere
Missing, YOSHIDA Keisuke, psychological drama about a kidnapping, Japan 2024, International Premiere
Motion Picture: Choke, NAGAO Gen, silent dystopian parable, Japan 2023, International Premiere
Takano Tofu, MITSUHIRO Mihara, my tofu is better than yours, Japan 2023, European Premiere
Voice, MISHIMA Yukiko, a quiet drama about how to overcome pain, Japan 2024, International Premiere
The Yin Yang Master 0, SATO Shimako, wizard VS demons period fantasy, Japan 2024, European Premiere

, Adrian TEH, sentimental time travel story, Malaysia 2024, World Premiere

Becky & Badette

Becky & Badette
, Jun LANA, queer comedy about fakes, The Philippines 2023, European Premiere
When This Is All Over, Kevin MAYUGA, super cool lockdown comedy, The Philippines 2023, International Premiere

12.12: The Day
, KIM Sung-su, suspenseful chronicle of the coup d'etat, South Korea 2023, International Festival Premiere
Alienoid, CHOI Dong-hoon, aliens are amongst us, South Korea 2022
Alienoid: The Return to the Future, CHOI Dong-hoon, hidden aliens and time-travel part two, South Korea 2024, Italian
Citizen of a Kind, PARK Young-ju, ordinary woman busting crime organization, South Korea 2024, International Festival
Exhuma, JANG Jae-Hyun, don't mess with that grave!, South Korea 2024, Italian Premiere
The Guest, YEON Je-gwang, murder under the eye of CCTV, South Korea 2023, International Premiere
Mimang, KIM Tae-yang, walking on the streets of Seoul, South Korea 2023, Italian Premiere
A Normal Family, HUR Jin-ho, evil does exist, South Korea 2023, Italian Premiere
Ransomed, KIM Sung-hoon, another mission impossible: buddy action film, South Korea 2023, Italian Premiere
The Roundup: Punishment, HEO Myeong-haeng, the sound of punches, South Korea 2024, Italian Premiere
Smugglers, RYOO Seung-wan, underwater action epic with women smugglers, South Korea 2023, Italian Premiere


18×2 Beyond Youthful Days
, FUJII Michihito, innocent love story in the countryside, Taiwan/Japan 2024, European
Old Fox, HSIAO Ya-chuan, The Prince and the Pauper in Taipei, Taiwan 2023, European Premiere
Tales of Taipei, AA VV, an ode to the city from 9 directors, Taiwan 2023, International Premiere
Trouble Girl, CHIN Chia-hua, beware of the unstoppable girl, Taiwan 2023, European Premiere

Death Whisperer
, Taweewat WANTHA, there is a ghost in the family, Thailand 2023, European Premiere

Death Whisperer


PART 2 – A/B side VIBES. Greatest Hits from ‘80s & ‘90s

Tribute to LEE Myung-see
Nowhere to Hide
, LEE Myung-se, noir, South Korea 1999/4K restoration 2023, International Premiere
Their Last Love Affair, LEE Myung-se, drama, South Korea 1996/4K restoration 2023, International Premiere

Acknowledgement to SOMAI Shinji
, SOMAI Shinji, youth drama, Japan 1993/restored 2023
Typhoon Club, SOMAI Shinji, teenage youth drama, Japan 1985/2K restoration, Italian Premiere

Acknowledgement to SUO Masayuki
Shall We Dance?
, SUO Masayuki, musical dramedy, Japan 1996/4K restoration 2024, International Premiere
Sumo Do Sumo Don't, SUO Masayuki, comedy, Japan 1992/4K restoration 2024, International Premiere

Dislocation, HUANG Jianxin, experimental sci-fi, China 1986/4K restoration 2024, European Premiere
Letter for an Angel, Garin NUGROHO, drama, Indonesia 1994/4K restoration 2024, European Premiere
Rosy Life, KIM Hong-jun, drama, South Korea 1994, International Premiere
The Spring Outside the Fence, LEE Yu-ning, sentimental drama, Taiwan 1985/4K restoration 2024, International Premiere
Third World Hero, Mike DE LEON, epic drama, The Philippines 1999/2K restoration, Italian Premiere
Three Seasons, Tony BUI, drama, Vietnam 1999/4K restoration 2024, European Premiere
White Slavery, Lino Brocka, drama, The Philippines 1985/4K restoration 2018, International Premiere
The Woman of Wrath, TSENG Chuang-hsiang, drama, Taiwan 1984/2K restoration, International Premiere

Shall We Dance?

Tribute to ZHANG Yimou
Raise the Red Lantern
, ZHANG Yimou, period drama, China 1991/4K restoration 2024, World Premiere
To Live, ZHANG Yimou, drama, China 1994/4K restoration 2024, World Premiere

Celebrating 50 Years of Korean Film Preservation
The Flower in Hell
, SHIN Sang-ok, post-war drama, South Korea 1958/4K restoration 2023, World Premiere
Madame Freedom, HAN Hyeong-mo, daring drama, South Korea 1956/4K restoration 2023, World Premiere
Money, KIM So-dong, South Korea, poverty drama, 1958/4K restoration 2023, World Premiere
Nakdong River, JEON Chang-keun, semi documentary, South Korea 1952/4K restoration 2022, World Premiere
Piagol, LEE Kang-cheon, political war drama, South Korea 1955/4K restoration, World Premiere
The Wedding Day, LEE Byeong-il, comedy, South Korea 1956/4K restoration, World Premiere
The Widow, PARK Nam-ok, post war drama, South Korea 1955/restoration 2023, World Premiere

Acknowledgement to LEE Hsing
Beautiful Duckling
, LEE Hsing, drama, Taiwan 1964/4K restoration 2023, World Premiere
My Native Land, LEE Hsing, biopic, Taiwan 1979/2K restoration 2023, World Premiere

Chiu Fu-sheng
, LIU Yi, Taiwan 2024, World Premiere
Enter the Clones of Bruce, David GREGORY, US 2023

You can find more info about the event and the tickets on the FEFF Website HERE

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