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Yen Press Announces The Three-Body Problem Comic

A Comic Adaptation of Cixin Liu’s Science Fiction Epic That Inspired the Netflix Original Series

NEW YORK, NY (3/29/24) – At the Industry Panel at Seattle's Sakura-Con, Yen Press, LLC announced that it will be releasing the North American print edition of  comic, an adaptation of Cixin Liu's award-winning novel that has sold over 3 million copies in North America. The Three-Body Problem is the first installment of Liu's Remembrance of Earth's Past trilogy, a book that was released in its native China in 2008 and translated to English in 2014. Since its release, The Three-Body Problem has become one of the most celebrated works of Chinese science fiction in the world, receiving the Galaxy Award in China as well as the Hugo Award for its translated edition. The popularity of The Three-Body Problem led it to be adapted into a Netflix original series that debuted in March 2024.

The Three-Body Problem
Original Story by Cixin Liu
Illustrated by XuDong Cai
Adapted by Jim Cai, Twilight Lu, and Silver

Amid China's Cultural Revolution in the 1960s, a covert military project establishes contact with Trisolaris, an alien planet on the brink of destruction. This sets into motion the Trisolarans' long and menacing journey to invade Earth. Meanwhile, a secret society is formed by the world's elite, broken into factions with differing motivations for aiding in the Trisolaran invasion—from saving the lives of their descendants to accelerating the destruction of humanity. Decades later, a group of scientists and a cunning detective investigate a series of mysterious suicides, leading to the discovery of this Earth-Trisolaran Organization. Humanity's battle against its greatest threat has begun…

Formerly a computer engineer, Cixin Liu is one of today's most well-known and influential writers of Chinese science fiction. In addition to his awards and accolades for The Three-Body Problem, Liu has won the Galaxy Award on eight other occasions as well as a Locus Award for Death's End, the third installment of his Remembrance of Earth's Past trilogy. Renowned writers of science fiction and fantasy have given Liu praise for his work, such as Kim Stanley Robinson, who called The Three-Body Problem “The best kind of science fiction,” and George R. R. Martin, who called it “A breakthrough book…a unique blend of scientific and philosophical speculation.”

The English-language publication of The Three-Body Problem comic releasing in the same year as the live-action show has been an effort facilitated by various parties, starting with the introduction of the original novel by China Educational Publications Import & Export Corporation Ltd. (CEPIEC) to the English-reading market over a decade ago. The proprietor of the comic adaptation is Beijing Future Imagination Culture Communication Co., Ltd. with North American rights handled by Seth Fishman at The Gernert Company.

The Three-Body Problem comic will be the second of Cixin Liu's works published by Yen Press, the first being the manga adaptation of his short story Taking Care of God, which was released in February 2024.

The on-sale date of The Three-Body Problem comic will be announced on Yen Press social media at a future date.

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