Lim Sang-yan’s A Company Man is a love triangle between the highly competent section chief Hyeong-do (So Ji-sub), his married lover Su-yeon (Lee Mi-yeon), and his many trigger-happy colleagues. Taking the action/assassin genre and adding romance is a bit like mixing chocolate and peanut butter, there is not very much that can go wrong. Unless you are an assassin like Hyeong-do looking to quit your job in order to run off with the love of your life, then many things can go wrong. For example your co-workers could disagree with your choice in girlfriends and mid-career change and demonstrate their disappointment by repeatedly trying to murder you in brutal, violent ways.

A member of a gang of assassins, Hyeong-do poses as a regular salary-man in the gang’s front business. As one of the finest hitmen alive he is both respected and feared while active, but his desire to leave his old life behind and start everything anew with Su-yeon triggers his former friends and rivals to make his retirement somewhat more permanent. No matter how this movie ends, the viewers win with this shoot-em-up action film.

This directorial/writing debut of Lim Sang-yun will be released in the United States on August 27th by Well Go USA on DVD/Blu-ray.