Directed by: Gorô Kadono
Cast: Asao Matsumoto, Katsuko Wakasugi, Hiroshi Hayashi

Ghost of Chibusa Enoki 1958 (The Mother Tree)is a Japanese Horror movie about a painter (Shigenobu), who is murdered by his student (Hanimei) so that he could sleep with his wife. Things go badly wrong for Shigenobu and his family, when Shigenobu heads off to paint a dragon mural, Hanimei takes advantage of the situation and threatens his wife, sleep with him or he will kill the baby.

But on his return Shigenobu was attacked and left for dead by Hanimei, so that he could take his wife all for himself.

Painter is leaving his village and family for awhile, to paint dragons in a rich man’s house. A ruthless samurai falls in love with his wife and rapes her. The Samurai then attacks and kills all of the painter’s servants and drowns them in the lake. Ghosts of painters and servants return to the world of the living, to take revenge on samurai and help newborn baby of painter to escape the death. Painter’s ghost after revenge finished his dragons painting complete and disappeared.

Ghost of Chibusa Enoki is only 48 minutes in length, yes it may take 10 minutes to get going, but what follows is a great story of tortured souls coming back to haunt and take revenge on Hanimei, for all the evil and murder he had commited. Based on the story by Enchô San’yûtei (Kaidan chibusa-no-enoki), Ghost of Chibusa Enoki brings suspense and revenge to the screen,the final part of the movie had me hooked whilst Hanimei was having to defend himself against angry spirits of those he had murdered.

Here’s what had to say about “Ghost of Chibusa Enoki“. “An extremely atmospheric piece of horror cinema that somehow manages to combine its artificial sets, basic special effects, theatrical acting and stagey direction to a great mood piece that’s definitely more than just the sum of its elemens“.

If you like old school Japanese Samurai Horror movies, then this i for you. Only 48 minutes long, but i very much enjoyed it.

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