Based on the novel “It Is Over” by Park Ha-ik., the fast-paced, nail-biting thriller RV: Resurrected Victims debuts on digital February 6 from Well Go USA Entertainment. Directed by Kyung-taek Kwak (Eye for an Eye), RV: Resurrected Victims stars KIM Rae-Won (Gangnam Blues) and KIM Hae-Sook (The Handmaiden) the taunt terrifying tale of the Resurrected Victims Phenomenon, where murder victims come back to life to avenge their murderer and a prosecutor is suspected of his mother’s murder when she returns from the dead …


In the near future, murder victims have begun coming back to life with the sole purpose of avenging their deaths. Jin-hong (KIM Rae-won) is a cold-hearted prosecutor who’s obsessed with catching the man that killed his mother- but when she returns home, intent on killing him, he quickly becomes the lead suspect.

Country of Origin: South Korea

RV: Resurrected Victims has a runtime of approximately 92 minutes and is not rated.

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