Back in 2014, director Jo Bum-soo took unlikely action hero Jung Woo-sung and created an exciting, entertaining action film in “The Divine Move”, which revolved around the Asian board game Go. The film was successful and five years later, we are nearing the release of its prequel “The Divine Move: Ghost Move”.


“The Divine Move: Ghost Move” is criminal action film about ‘Ghost Move’, a man who loses everything in Go and seeks revenge.

The prequel loses the star and director of the previous film, instead appointing debutant director Khan Lee at the helm and actor Kwon Sang-woo (“The Accidental Detective”) in the lead. Also starring regular supporting actor Kim Hee-won (“The Man from Nowhere“), Kim Sung-kyun (“The Witness“), Heo Sung-tae (“Rampant“) and Woo Do-hwan (“The Divine Fury“), the film releases in Korean cinemas in November, 2019.