While the release of his Choi Min-sik/Han Suk-kyu starring historical film “Forbidden Dreams” is still eagerly awaited by fans, melodrama supremo Hur Jin-ho (“One Fine Spring Day”, “Christmas in August“, “April Snow”) is set for the release of his 43-minute short film “The Present”, starring the inimitable Shin Ha-kyu.


Ha-neul and Bo-ra are getting ready to open an establishment, when their plans to develop a fire-fighting thermal imaging camera by day and night fail, and they are on the verge of being kicked out of their studio. When everything seems to be hitting a brick wall, a strange man appears in the middle of their studio and claims that is his factory… A collaboration beyond time begins!

Shin Ha-kyun seems to have found a fancy for comedy of late. The actor, best known for his serious, hard-hitting roles in films such as “The Villainess” and “Pied Piper”, among others, has been in films with comedic elements in all of his last three releases, with “What a Man Wants“, “Extreme Job” and “Inseparable Bros”. “The Present” also stars K-Pop star Suho (“One Way Trip“), Kim Seul-gi (“Fabricated City”), Yoo Su-bin (“Exit”) and Kim Gi-cheon (“Psychokinesis“). The film is expected to release on October 28th, 2019.



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