In 2017, one-film-old director Jason Kim made the buddy-cop action-comedy “Midnight Runners”. Starring Kang Ha-neul and Park Seo-joon in his first on-screen leading role, the anticipation for the film was lukewarm, with its trailers evidently targeting the female audience by showcasing its good-looking leading pair of actors. The film surprised at the box-office and went on to become the 4th highest-grossing film of 2017, freeing Park Seo-joon from the shackles of small screen dramas. While a sequel to the film is rumoured, the next project that both Park Seo-joon and Jason Kim join forces for instead is the supernatural action adventure film “The Divine Fury”.


When he was a child, Yong-Hoo’s father died in an accident. Yong-Hoo has distrusted and resented people since then. Now, Yong-Hoo is champion in martial arts. He meets Father Ahn. Father Ahn is also an exorcist. They get involved in a case and gaining divine powers, Yong-hoo must help Father Ahn fight a powerful evil.

Jason Kim, directing off his own script, has this time paired Park with veteran actor Ahn Sung-ki (“Revivre”, “Silmido”), who plays the role of Father Ahn. The film also stars Woo Do-hwan (“Master”, “Operation Chromite”) and features in-demand young actor Choi Woo-sik (“Train to Busan“, “The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion“) in a special appearance. It releases in South Korea in July, 2019.



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